Beer, Beer and More Beer!

Stevie Turner

Somebody bought Sam a couple of vouchers for a tour of the Greene King Brewery at Bury St. Edmunds, and last Saturday we decided to use them, as Sam has rather a penchant for IPA beer.

We learned that the brewery was founded by Benjamin Greene in 1799.  It was taken over by his son Edward in 1836 and merged with Frederick William King’s brewery in 1887.  Greene had a huge house built which stands next to the Theatre Royal to house his second wife and their 13 children (although 8 died in infancy).  He made sure his employees were happy by having a community hall built next to his house which on weekends allowed them to socialise and also gave them free beer (not applicable now, as Greene King owns too many breweries)!

The tour guide was very informative. The brewery is built on 3 floors, which are all…

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