Day 14. Our final day in Palermo, Sicily

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Our final day in Sicily began slowly with a leisurely breakfast on our shady balcony. As our British Airways return flight to London wasn’t due to depart until 20.30 we had arranged a late check out, enabling us to have access to our apartment until late afternoon.

Untitled The majestic Palermo Cathedral

We started the day with a stroll along to the cathedral and admired its beautiful facade for one last time. Taking a walk around the side of the majestic church there was even more intricate stonework for us enjoy. Our route took us to the Capo district which is home to another of Palermo’s large outdoor markets. The Capo market was similar in size to the Ballero market located near to our apartment, stretching out from the square along neighbouring roads.

Untitled The Capo market in Palermo

After wandering amongst the stalls and trying to figure out what all the…

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