Shangri-La: The Mystical Paradise in China

Rachel Meets China

Shangri-La, the famous mystical paradise mentioned in James Hilton’s Lost Horizon, is actually a real place you can find in the Yunnan Province of China!

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The Myth of Shangri-La

The paradise city called Shangri-La is similar to other mystical places like El Dorado and Atlantis. The people of Shangri-La are said to have lived for hundreds of years, practiced traditional Buddhism ways, and existed in harmony with nature.

Shangri-La is often called the “Eden in dream.” It has been a legend for a long time and known by many other names in different languages, but became part of English myth when British novelist James Hilton wrote about it in his book the Lost Horizon in 1939.

How To Get To Shangri-La, Yunnan 

It is said that the mythical Shangri-La had no precise location, so in 2001 the…

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