that’s quite a promise

say no to clowns

drew-graham-cTKGZJTMJQU-unsplash(Hello anyone who is reading.
I was going to finally write something awe inspiring about my absence lately, then found this draft I had forgotten about, written in September. I can’t believe I have deprived the world of this. So I will publish this first. I hope you can hear my giggles. Soon to be louder as I enjoy a much needed glass of wine. Cheers!)


Just recently, something reminded me of the Napoleon Dynamite movie. It may have been the movie itself, come to think of it…

Like scores of other fans, I love the last scene, including the phenomenally perfect choice of the song that accompanies it. So then I remembered I had never seen the actual video for that song.

What a life changing experience… those 80s visuals…there was nothing left to do but to share it. Reading the news online was traumatising, so I thought…

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