In a Vase on Monday: Oddments

Rambling in the Garden

On this grey, damp and drizzly Monday, a day that many people in the UK would consider to be a typical November one, contenders for a vase were few and far between and the result really is a collection of oddments: Astrantia ‘Bowl of Beauty’, the last of its kind for this year, buds of Rosa ‘Harlow Carr’, unlikely to progress further on the bush itself because of the dampness, flowering stems of seed-sown grass Pennisetum villosum, brought into the greenhouse for winter protection, a surviving bedding fuchsia similarly protected, and obligingly useful bronzey-red new foliage of Pittosporum ‘Obsessed’.

Tucked into another little Caithness Glass vase (not a ubiquitous pink version but a more unusual one somewhere betwixt white and amber), the blooms are a mere echo of warmer months but as perennials also harbour the promise of returning joys to come. As a collection of random oddments…

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