Stuffed Pork Loin chops

How I Cook — by Graham Stewart

EAB9E466-3E19-4D06-9948-DDE286B68F11I found a great deal on pork loin, they are always a good thing to buy when you find a great price. Cut some of it into chops and left the thicker end for a roast. Was thinking about what I could do with the roast, it’s been awhile since I stuffed one. So it came down to do I stuff chops or the roast, the chops won. A stuffed roast is a little much for just my wife and I. It’s just better to keep the roast for company. The stuffing would of been the same if I had of used the roast. Have come to terms with stuffing for meat. Been thru the fancy stuffing faze. Remember making a stuffing for a pork loin that was a little fancy and a lot of work. It had dried cranberries, chopped apple, onion, spinach, garlic, parsley, sage, honey, salt, pepper…

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