Getting to see more of Assisi, Italy

Passport Overused

Going to this Italian city always pulls my heartstrings. Growing up in the San Francisco bay area, Assisi has a lot of connections to the business hub of that metropolitan region. This is the place where St. Francis lived. The one San Francisco, California is named after. All of the buildings, of course, do not look the same. However, you can still see how the two areas look alike. Especially, when you leave San Francisco and go out to the outskirts. Spanish and Italian architecture has many Similares.

A street in Assisi photo courtesy of Hugo Morel 

Every turn we took, it was almost like walking into another piece of history. The buildings making your mind wander. How old are these homes? If walls could talk, what historical stories could they tell us? So much beauty to take in. The moment was hard to put in words. Think of going…

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