Tomorrow (22th November) the new Coldplay album is released: ‘EVERDAY LIFE’

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Everyday Life is the eighth studio album by British music group Coldplay, scheduled on 22th November 2019 by Parlophone. This is a double album divided into two parts entitled Sunrise and Sunset, both containing eight tracks.

On October 23rd the album’s track list was announced, instead the following day the double single Arabesque / Orphans was published.  On 3th November , the eponymous Everyday Life, the closing track of the album, was extracted as the second single.

Writing for The Daily Telegraph, Neil McCormick acclaimed the experimentation of the album, stating that Everyday Life “feels organic, analogue and playful as Coldplay dip into different musical genres, trying their hands at choral, classical, gospel, blues, folk, African funk, and a blissful slice of doo wop on ‘Cry Cry Cry’, with Martin pitched against his own varispeed falsetto.”


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