Cowboy Meatloaf with Cheesy Mashed Potato Casserole

What's for Dinner Moms?

Cowboy Meatloaf with Mashed Potato Casserole

I am contemplating buying my first glue gun. I have never been really big into crafts. Oh, I have all the different things I bought to try new crafty projects such as knitting, scrap booking and jewelry making. But, I never actually purchased a glue gun. To me that was for the people who wore the aprons and had jars of paint brushes in their specially designed crafting room. I never took that leap.

But, my daughter wants to be Frieda Kahlo for Halloween. I need to make a head band with faux flowers on it. After much thought I think it is time to purchase a glue gun. I am just wondering how long it will be before I remove the bed from the guest room downstairs and add a series of shelving units and coordinating boxes.

So, since I spent so much time thinking about Halloween costumes I…

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