Blown Away

Girl On The Move

Let not Magadi road lie to you that traffic on weekends is fast. And no amount of waking up early could
save your ass for Anslem Kitengela.

The journey has begun. That of cheap places to explore in Nairobi and its environs. The one that will leave you cursing some tour companies for overcharging your pockets. Yes am here to snitch! I don’t fathom how on earth you would pay Ksh 2,500 and above for a place you can comfortably access with the help of Google and its Maps. Places that you only need Ksh 1,000 plus keep change. You will thank
me later but any who it is not my money.

Since am in the KBF (Kaguru by Foot-don’t drive since I don’t own a car) department, I boarded number
125 bus at Railways that head to Ongata Rongai. These will charge you Ksh 50 on the higher…

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