Film Review: Hunter Killer.


I haven’t done one of these for a while, mainly because it is extremely rare for anything to attract my attention, let alone hold it on the screen.
I picked this up for a fiver yesterday, mainly because it starred two actors I like who are rarely recognised for their versatile acting ability. Gary Oldman finally got a well deserved oscar for his portrayal of Churchill in Darkest Hour, and Gerard Butler is your action hero with a dry sense of humour who can also sing (Phantom of the Opera).

Anyway, the story revolves around submarines, the Russians, SAS, and no lovey-doveiness, but if you’re thinking a remake of Hunt for Red October, think again.
There are four storylines in this which all neatly amalgamate when a Russian president is kidnapped and a tyrant takes over. Underwater, a Russian submarine explodes and a US submarine rescues the two survivors.

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