Ina Vase on Monday: More Teeny Tiny

Rambling in the Garden

Another teeny tiny vase on Monday for me, and despite trying several alternatives I am still using the little Bretby Pottery jug I used in the anniversary post, giving an arrangement a mere 10cm (4″) tall.

The jug is filled mostly with Bellis perennis which, unlike later in the season, necessitated a teeny vase due to the length of the stems – later on, a small rather than teeny vase would suffice! Joining the bellis is variably coloured foliage of dwarf Pieris japonica ‘Little Heath’ and some berried stems of what I nicknamed ‘the Devil’s plant’** after spending hours digging out roots which were invading us from our neighbour’s garden. Sadly, the invasion began again almost immediately…

Completing this first vase in December is a teeny teddy enjoying an equally teeny cup of tea, heralding leaner times in the garden until the early bulbs begin flowering – leaner times for…

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