A Delicious Trip to Louisville, Kentucky

What's for Dinner Moms?

I fully intended to post this yesterday but I was so tired after the weekend. I couldn’t even get it done.

The Mid_America Oireachtas was this past weekend. We left on Thanksgiving morning to travel to Louisville, Kentucky. The Irish Dance Regionals are held each year over the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving. Imagine thousands of Irish dancers and their families meeting for one weekend. It is fun and super tiring!

My daughter danced on a celli team and did a traditional set (all the dance steps for the traditional dances are 95% the same all over the world). Her celli team finished 5th and they were super happy to recall.  There were only 5 teams but they felt good about what they did and it was the first time their team recalled.

Her traditional set was good too. When she finished dancing she came off stage and said, “That felt…

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