Snowy Sunrise at Jinshanling Great Wall

Rachel Meets China

I’ve hiked the Great Wall many times during many seasons – spring, summer, and even once during autumn…But I had never seen the Great Wall in winter with lots of snow! It’s been on my Beijing Bucket List for some time, so when Beijing had a second round of snowfall this December, I was excited!  My friend Xiao Wei (@greatwallmylove) and I had made a plan to visit the Great Wall together the next time it snowed, so we finally had the chance to go.

Meet Xiao Wei, founder of Great Wall My Love

Xiao Wei and I have been Instagram friends for a long time but never met until now. Both of us are Beijing enthusiasts – we love sharing beautiful places around Beijing. He loves it so much that his job is actually giving tours to the Great Wall and around Beijing.

Xiao Wei is also…

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