Day 2. Exploring Edinburgh’s Royal Mile

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After the lovely sunny weather we’d experienced the previous day, it was a little disappointing to wake up to a dark, gloomy sky accompanied by rain soaked pavements. Still, undeterred we braved the elements to find somewhere for breakfast. After being brought back to life with two cups of coffee and my favourite smashed avocados on a toasted muffin, we were ready for action and with our hoods up we made our way to the Scottish Parliament, located at the lower end of the Royal Mile.

Untitled The Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

This like it or loathe it building was opened in 2004 and has divided opinion ever since. I can’t say that I’m a fan of its exterior but that’s all forgotten once I’ve stepped inside. The Scottish Parliament is free to visit and is open daily, except Sunday. We familiarised ourselves with its role by joining a complimentary 10…

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