I was having a wonderful day. I was in a wonderful mood. Until towards the end of my shift.

Nothing annoys me more when some little dick starts making trouble and thinks I will take it because I am customer service. That I will smile be polite while he is as rude as fuck.

If I am polite while I am taking orders, I expect my customer to be polite. I will not tolerate bullshit! However if I was being a bitch then yes, he can be an asshole. However, I was being polite.


Our tills had been lagging, and I was correcting his order. “I said I didnt want that!” he shouted.

“I know. I am trying to fix the order. The till doesnt work. Thank you.”

“Oh my god you dont have to be so grumpy.”

I dont have to be grumpy? Really? He just bitched me…

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