Dawn Dreamers

Peacock Poetry

As my regular readers know, I love to get up early and walk or jog. If I can make myself rise and get out an hour earlier than usual then the rewards are great. Last week as I set out at 7.00am, I saw the sun rising and the beauty of the morning was quite overwhelming. How do you begin your day?

Marvellous Morning

It’s morning time, I’m on my own, the air is cool and still

What’s wild and green and overgrown now gathers on the hills

The long stems rise, their leaves reach high, towards the sky in praise

The rising of the sun is nigh, ‘twill guide our path today

There is a world we hardly know that starts the day before us

Where hope and faith and life can grow, where thankfulness implores us

Through trilling sounds and meadow mounds alive with buzzing creatures

This is…

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