Well it’s good thing I’m not Damon Salvatore or a Heretic! And how come Elijah and Klaus were never tortured with it? Suddenly the Originals were too good for Vervain just White Oak?! – my thoughts when I saw a bottle of Vervain at the supermarket.

A beautiful day full of sunshine!

It was a surprisingly good day! I didn’t throw cups, have a melt down. perhaps I did curse a little and mumble to myself about customers, but I was well behaved.

The sadistic side of me was also enjoying every moment Annie was becoming grumpy with the McCafe person! “But Annie,” I teased with a grin, “isn’t it like having two of me on McCafe?”

Annie glared at me. “No, I don’t have to tell you how to do to your job!”

The huge coffee brewer broke just before lunch.😱😱😱 so we were making coffees with 8 coffee…

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