Weighing the Dangers of Inaction – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


We face many obstacles when we set lofty goals for ourselves. The journey takes us into storms, rough seas, and we confront the demon of self-doubt. The unrestrained monster sends messages advocating we abort our cherished mission. Stepping into the wilderness demands courage and a willingness to engage the unknown, making the enormity of the task seem that succeeding is impossible.

Forward progress requires unwavering trust, and we must master the ability to place one foot in front of the other. We advance by excruciating increments, meeting each formidable obstacle as they arise to challenge our resolve. We surmount the first problem then move to the next. The succession of dilemmas continues in a steady stream.

Perceived hazards must be weighed against genuine risk and balanced against the perils of inaction. Instinctively we know to remain in safe harbor, bobbing with the tides, is the tactic of the fearful. Facing…

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