Chasing the Shaman…

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It feels rather odd, being in a book. Not as one half of that semi-fictional pair, ‘Don and Wen’, but as yourself… especially when it is written by someone else. But it does show how much our human stories intertwine, and how, when paths cross, magic can happen. Not just in a symbolic sense, but in a very real way.

When Stuart and I started writing out our adventures in The Initiate, we had two things in mind… to record the journey for ourselves and to share it with others, hoping they too would find a way to connect with the land in which they live.

One of the first people to read The Initiate was my long-time friend, Gary Vasey. He was excited by our story and emailed me saying that we had ‘somehow managed to tap into the land’. My friendship with Gary is as strange as…

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