Tea time in the blogosphere


img_7097 Image: Su Leslie 2020

Wherever you are, and whatever is happening in your world, Kia ora koutou katoaย  (Greetings. Hello to you all). Iโ€™m glad you could join me for another virtual afternoon tea.

Itโ€™s definitely feeling like autumn here in Auckland, although we are still in drought. And though the country has loosened Covid 19 lock-down restrictions to the extent that from today most shops and cafes are open again, Iโ€™m feeling no particular desire to hit the mall. In fact, Iโ€™m pretty happy staying at home trying to finish at least some of the projects that are starting to feel like Damoclean swords over me.

Luckily, baking never feels like a chore.

Iโ€™ve temporarily abandoned my attempt to discover 101 ways with dumpling wrappers, and actually made pastry. Admittedly itโ€™s choux pastry which is pretty easy, but I am happy with the results; crisp little buns filledโ€ฆ

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