I’m Not Laughing at My Mistake – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I made a horrible mistake. Saying I dislike shopping is an understatement. The past months have done nothing to increase my enjoyment of the process. My reluctant trips for necessities don’t register on my bucket list. I delay them, waiting until they attain dire importance status. Then, I prepare my list, gather my mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer before heading out.

My grocery list is organized to follow the layout of a favorite familiar store. The produce section is my first stop where I make careful selections. I move quickly since I want to minimize the total time spent in the shop. I navigate one-way aisles, fill my cart, avoid close contact with other shoppers, and proceed to the checkout line.

The fun doesn’t end when I get my packages home, as I place the purchases in quarantine, just in case. The most important reason for my trip was to restock my dwindling…

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