Fate against me; Why I still haven’t traveled outside the Philippines



Right now, I should be happily strolling around Beijing and Shanghai – learning about our cultural differences, exploring cityscapes, and finally savoring the fruits of a year’s worth of workload.

But I’m not. Instead, here I am at home, writing all these predicaments. Corona virus pandemic has changed everything that we so long planned for this year. Everything.

However, this is not actually the first time that I get to cancel an international trip. Like most travelers, I have been long itching to visit other places outside the Philippines – to learn, gain more experiences, and understand our diversity. But fate has always been against me, always on the opposing side.

Failed attempt to visit Singapore and Malaysia

My first attempt to travel abroad was way back 2015. My colleagues and I were bound for Singapore and Malaysia – yes, a cross-country overland journey. It was scheduled after our ten-day…

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