The Small Dog’s moral judgement…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

My two-legs came home soggy though it’s pretty hot outside.

She must have gotten really wet or else she would have dried.

I asked her what had happened to land her in such a state…

“A fish!” she said… I wondered just what she’d had on her plate!


“The sturgeon!” she informed me, and I thought she’d lost the plot.

I felt the laughter rising but I thought I’d better not…

Because I know the sturgeon and the plate where he’d belong

Would have to be a BIG one and at least a metre long!


But would she really eat him? After all, he is a friend…

I’d hate to see our friendship come to such a sticky end!

“Oh, don’t be daft, my girlie, he just got me with his tail…

And I’m as wet as if someone had drenched me with a pail!”


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