#Dresdenphiles Rejoice! Only 6 More Weeks until #PeaceTalks !

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Woohooo … another week closer to Peace Talks, and another chance to chat about Harry Dresden and his very interesting friends and enemies. Today, whaddya say we talk about my favorite female character of the series:


All good Dresdenphiles know that Harry has been attracted to a few women here and there in his life. He’s not a kid, after all, and he can admire a nice-looking female with the best of them. But his real choices throughout the series have been pretty limited, and only one of them has ever made sense to me, even though Harry seldom admits being attracted to her.  Sgt. Karrin Murphy is in charge of of Chicago’s Special Investigations department, and Murph, as Harry calls her, is my topic of the day.

Sgt. Karrin Murphy (alias Murph)

Personally, I’ve always been on Team Murphy, hoping these two will finally admit…

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