23 Top Writing Podcasts That Help You Improve Your Craft – by C.S. Lakin…

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on the Self-Publisher:

Writers have so many online resources these days to help them hone their writing skills, but there are never enough hours in the day to take advantage of them.

And when it comes to podcasts, you would need a thousand lifetimes to listen to all the great content that will help you on your writing journey.

One of the great features of podcasts is the audio format, which allows for listeners to learn while doing a whole lot of other non-writerly things.

You can listen and get inspired and motivated, be introduced to new authors and their stories, and acquire new skills all while folding laundry, prepping dinner, driving to town, weeding the garden, running on a treadmill, or taking the dog for a walk.


If you’re feeling stuck in your writing, unmotivated, in the dumps, or just plain bored, a podcast is just…

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