Furong Ancient Town: The Magical Waterfall Village of Hunan, China

Rachel Meets China

A short bus ride away from Zhangjiajie you’ll find a beautiful little village that makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a painting.

Welcome to the Furong Ancient Town.

WeChat Image_20190905155652.jpg

Furong Ancient Town is more than 2000 years old and home to the Tujia minority people. Located in the Hunan Province between the Avatar Mountains in Zhangjiajie and the Ancient Phoenix Village of Fenghuang, Furong is one of those villages in China that keeps the charm of older times and remains a largely unknown treasure.

Once you get a glimpse of the waterfalls and beautiful mountain scenery you’ll wonder why it’s not more popular!

Check out my video about my trip here:

How to Get to Furong

Furong is a small little village in the Hunan Province. There are no direct trains or flights there, which means it takes a few steps to get to. You will need to first travel…

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