Review of Amanda Owen’s ‘A Yorkshire Shepherdess’.

Stevie Turner

I’ve just finished reading the excellent ‘A Yorkshire Shepherdess‘ the first book in a series of Amanda Owen’s memoirs, where she tells of her life as a shepherdess on a remote farm in North Yorkshire.

She started out as a city girl in Huddersfield, but always had a yearning to be a sheep farmer.  When she first began to follow her dream she worked long hours in farmyards gaining knowledge of her craft and all the while looking out for something better. One day she was told to take a sheep up the lonely road to Ravenseat Farm and loan it to the farmer there, Clive Owen, for the ‘tupping’ (mating) season.  Clive eventually became her husband and the father of her 9 children.

Mrs Owen describes with much humour how she manages sheep shearing, the lambing season, haymaking, being snowed in, cooking scones for the public to…

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