For the Dads


It’s Father’s Day today and we shall be lighting a candle for our Dads as we do every year.
Rather than reblog a previous post, I’d like to share something personal from the Dads.
My FIL was an artist of sorts and liked to work in pastels. We have a lovely picture of a cottage in a snow scene which we intend to frame again and put it up in the lounge.
He knew I liked nature and birds, and did this for us which we had up in the boat.
My Dad tried his hand at this and that but again, knowing how much I loved birds, did this
Both items are originals, no kits, paint it by numbers, or tracings.
To us they are priceless and dearly loved, as were the two men who made them.

So Dads, wherever you are, know we think of you every day…

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