Zebra Farfalle Italian Pasta Salad

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Look at this amazing Zebra Farfalle Italian Pasta Salad! Farfalle is the name of the pasta shape, or as I always call it, bow tie pasta. Do you remember I took a pasta class and I learned how to make ravioli? This is one of the pasta bags I bought at their store. Guess how they get that black color into the pasta? It is squid ink! Yes you read that right. I didn’t notice any difference in taste then regular pasta but what a dramatic look it gives the pasta.

This recipe is just a basic recipe for Italian Pasta. I didn’t add a lot of veggies because I wanted to showcase the pasta. You can use any type of pasta shape, any of your favorite vegetables and your favorite Italian dressing. This is a perfect dish to take to a picnic since it is not mayonnaise based and…

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The ART HALL is a temporary and independent project at Berlin-Spandau, with the aim to support urban art in its multiple diversity.  The location is situated in a former logistical center and hall of the German Post directly at railway station Berlin-Spandau. The hall itself will be demolished in 2019, so the urban art (inside and outside the hall) can only be admired and seen here for a rather short time left, some examples to be found hereunder.

Additional information in German here:


Location:  “Alte Post/Packhalle”, Klosterstr. 36-38, Berlin-Spandau, Germany

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Waiting (flash fiction)

joanne the geek



“We’re going to have to wait, The Baron is away for a few days.” Ashalla informed her.

“I can wait.” Aalen replied looking around the crowded streets. She hadn’t realised there were so many people in this city. Where did they all come from?

They were standing in the city’s square. Above them all rose the Baron’s Keep like a giant solitary black tooth. Aalen spied the walls of the fortifications. She reckoned she could scale them with no problems, and she thought Ashalla could do the same.

Revenge would come. She could wait. What was a few days?

Joanne Fisher

Aalen’s story: previous episode

This was written with the prompt waiting provided by the Carrot Ranch June 20 Flash Fiction Challenge.

Thanks to the person who recently bought me six coffees. I really appreciate it ❤

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Photo Challenge #269 – Hurry On



Image: – Malina Rose

“Come fly with me,” she said

“I’ll take you places you never imagined.

Just come this way.”

Off she floated and I found myself

Likewise floating along the pathway.

She seemed in such a hurry

I wanted to enjoy this newfound freedom.

“Slow down!” I called

“Let me smell, touch, taste,

So much to take in

So little time.”

“You must keep up for that very purpose,”

She chided, “there’s much to see and do before the end.”

“But I’m old,” I puffed exhaustion taking over.

“I know,” she said, “all the more reason for you to hurry on.”

Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2019/06/25/photo-challenge-269/

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