The Changing Seasons, May 2020


img_7241 Grounded. Dinghies at Island Bay, Auckland. Image; Su Leslie 2020

I’ve taken fewer photos this month than in any other since my days of film-camera ownership.

Basically, I haven’t been out all that much, and there are only so many photos I can take of the few remaining flowers in my garden.

Covid 19 restrictions have largely been removed in New Zealand and we are being bombarded with media messages to travel; see the country, spend whatever income we’re still earning on hotel nights and boutique pinot noir; go bungy-jumping, horse-trekking, white water rafting — whatever’s on offer in a country that has steadily replaced productive industries with tourism. Now the overseas visitors are absent, we’re practically being told that it’s our patriotic duty to replace their greenbacks, sterling and yuan with our own dollars.

Not only that, if we don’t do it NOW — the visitors will soon come…

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Festival of the Holy Dove 2020



Cosmic Spring breaks…!!!
The Festival is here…!!!

The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit…!!!

“… All those who are fully conscious of their life in Creation, who have learnt to understand it and its manifestations will know how to celebrate this Festival.

Their devout attitude at the right moment will make it possible that, in return for thus opening themselves, the Living Blessing will find its way down to earth and will pour into thirsty souls as it did long ago into the disciples…”

“… It will bring peace and joy to those who do not fail, to those who will live and not be lost for all eternity.”


Text and image source: Obinna Magnobi on Facebook

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The Small Dog’s moral judgement…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

My two-legs came home soggy though it’s pretty hot outside.

She must have gotten really wet or else she would have dried.

I asked her what had happened to land her in such a state…

“A fish!” she said… I wondered just what she’d had on her plate!


“The sturgeon!” she informed me, and I thought she’d lost the plot.

I felt the laughter rising but I thought I’d better not…

Because I know the sturgeon and the plate where he’d belong

Would have to be a BIG one and at least a metre long!


But would she really eat him? After all, he is a friend…

I’d hate to see our friendship come to such a sticky end!

“Oh, don’t be daft, my girlie, he just got me with his tail…

And I’m as wet as if someone had drenched me with a pail!”


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💜 Love and Light ☀️

Peacock Poetry

A couple of days ago I took a break in between the many Zoom calls that make up my day and sat on the memorial bench we had made for Dad drinking a tea. As the morning sun shone on my face it brought back an incredible feeling of the Light Thad my Dad brought into my life and continues to do so.

For those of you who enjoy my poetry, and would like to hear it love, I am holding a poetry recital on Blissen, a virtual sanctuary platform, today at 17.00 CEST/ 11.00 EDT.

Here is the Zoom link in case you’d like to join :

Recalling the Light

I’m sitting on our garden bench

You’re here though you have gone

Remembering despite the wrench

of loss, how much you shone

You light my way, show me each day

how kindness is what saves us

No words…

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Killing Time by Suzanne Trauth #BlogTour #Excerpt #BookReview #Giveaway

Rosepoint Publishing

I am so delighted today to provide a review for you at my blog stop for Killing Time by Suzanne Trauth on the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour.Scroll down to enter your chance to win the Giveaway!

Killing Time by Suzanne TrauthBook DetailsKilling Time (A Dodie O’Dell Mystery)
Cozy Mystery
6th in Series
Publisher: Lyrical Press (June 2, 2020)
Number of Pages: 215
Digital ASIN: B07W8ZX8JV

Book BlurbWith Halloween just around the corner, Dodie O’Dell is making preparations to transform the Windjammer Restaurant on the Jersey Shore into a haunted house, while the Etonville Little Theatre is staging Dracula. But casting the titular Transylvanian is proving challenging. The amateur actors in the company are not shy about chewing the scenery, but who among them can convincingly sink their fangs into a victim’s neck? When a mysterious newcomer with a transfixing Eastern European accent lands the part, rumors that he might be an actual vampire start…

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I can see a rainbow!

Heart to Heart

For ‘Friendly Friday – Surprise’

IMG_1018 a

Wonder what should I

Think of this –

A poet’s delight

Or a lensman’s nightmare!

To capture is my prerogative

Why try to capture me –

And portray my plight

An empty web, always a nightmare!

I was surprised to see the rainbow colours on the web captured by me – a pleasant surprise indeed!  

Have a great day!

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