Film Review: Hunter Killer.


I haven’t done one of these for a while, mainly because it is extremely rare for anything to attract my attention, let alone hold it on the screen.
I picked this up for a fiver yesterday, mainly because it starred two actors I like who are rarely recognised for their versatile acting ability. Gary Oldman finally got a well deserved oscar for his portrayal of Churchill in Darkest Hour, and Gerard Butler is your action hero with a dry sense of humour who can also sing (Phantom of the Opera).

Anyway, the story revolves around submarines, the Russians, SAS, and no lovey-doveiness, but if you’re thinking a remake of Hunt for Red October, think again.
There are four storylines in this which all neatly amalgamate when a Russian president is kidnapped and a tyrant takes over. Underwater, a Russian submarine explodes and a US submarine rescues the two survivors.

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Musical Monday Special Edition ~ Remembering Donna Summer

~Plucking Of My Heartstrings~


Donna Summer
December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012

When I write my Musical Monday Special Editions I always choose three songs for the post.  I had a really hard time picking the three songs for this one.  As soon as I thought I had the three I wanted, I would remember another song that I liked and want to add that instead.  Truth is, I LOVE all Donna Summer songs and this Special Edition was the hardest, so far, for deciding which songs to put (and keep) in a blog post.

Donna Summer (born LaDonna Gaines) was known as the Queen of Disco, but her music shifted over the years to that of a pop-rock sound.  Her music career reached four decades.  In her lifetime, Summer had 42 hit singles on the US Billboard Hot 100, with 14 of those reaching a top 10 status.  She became one of…

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Paris – a quick trip

Ute smile

For the first time I went to Paris via the Eurostar – train.

What a wonderful way to travel.

It was easy, quick and very calm.

I loved it. Perfect for a quick break.

It went so impressively fast, we were in Paris from London in 2 and a quarter hours.

Once there,

We took it slowly and having been in Paris before

we just enjoyed the atmosphere and

some of the landmarks of Paris.

My favourite picture at the Tour Eiffel with Autumn colours:

Some more impressions

I will certainly explore more cities with the Eurostar, such a great and easy way to travel.

Have a great week!

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