Blogtober: A Hogwarts Halloween


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There’s one book universe I’d love to live in, and that is the Harry Potter Universe (as a witch of course). Not only would I be able to do so many everyday things faster, but I’d also be able to really appreciate Halloween. Whilst the films only briefly touch on Halloween, each book mentions Halloween in a lot more detail, so, here are my five reasons to want to experience a Hogwarts Halloween.

  1. Massive floating pumpkins! Need I say more?

Image result for hogwarts halloween gif

2. You can meet vampires, werewolves, merepeople and any manner of magical creatures.

3. I always imagine that the Great Hall would be decorated really well and could be made to look really spooky.

4. The ghosts would really be in their element and it would be interesting to meet the Headless Hunt!

5. I feel like the Halloween common room parties would be really fun with a magical element…

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