The Curious Case of Blackface


Women and Words


I hate screaming into the void but there are times when it really feels like that…a void. Seems like people aren’t listening or paying attention. Or, they think voicing their outrage on social media is enough.

It’s not.

There is no excuse or place for ignorance anymore.


When you accost brown people in parking lots, college campuses, grocery stores, parks, pools, walking, etc., it’s racism pure and simple. Whether we are sleeping, parking, cooking, walking, buying, swimming…you know existing? Minding our own business? Breathing? No one has the right to question that. No one has the right to ask if we belong.

Of course we fucking do. It’s motherfucking America.

We belong.

No matter what language we speak.

We belong.

So, when you see things like this happening, don’t sit on your ass. Don’t just record it for posterity. Get up and use your white privilege the right…

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