Review: The Dark Vault (The Archived #1-2.5) by V.E. Schwab

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“The funny thing about armor is that it doesn’t just keep other people out. It keeps us in. We build it up around us, not realizing that we’re trapping ourselves.”


I have received this book for free from Titan Books in exchange of an honest review.

As some may not know, The Dark Vault is a republication of V.E. Schwab’s The Archived books as a collection under one title, a fresh cover and it includes a bonus short story. As a big Schwab fan, I was really happy to see that these books got back into print!
I got my copy a few months ago, but I just kept postponing reading it and I cannot regret it more!
Even though this book is a collection of two novels, I am going to review it as one. The separate novels aren’t in print and honestly, reading it feels like one…

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