#22 Bloom | May, Myself and I (Guest Post)


Stop for a moment and picture a bunch of snowdrops. Their thin, pale green stalks. Their perfect, clean white petals. Their tiny, modest size. They’re delicate little things and yet we can learn a lot from them. See, snowdrops are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring. They grow in rocky, nutrient-lacking soil, often in the shadows, starved from the sun’s warmth and light. Because they bloom so early, they have to fight through frost and ice before they even reach the surface of the soil. And yet, even after all this, they bloom. They fight their way through the obstacles and grow to be beautiful and unique. Sure, they’re petals can be marked or their stalks can be bent but that somehow doesn’t matter.
We, too, can be like snowdrops. Sometimes we have to come through really difficult stuff and it can, at times,  look like…

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