Lemons (Guest Post)


When life throws you lemons, you make lemonades or lemon ginger juice or tart it up or make lemon curds…
There are so many ways to make the most out of life
Be it following through on a goal, a conviction, an ambition, or navigating life’s unexpected curved balls
There is no single perfect way to figure life out
Heck, nobody has it figured out!
Understand that our circumstances shape up and make us – and although those circumstances may be undesirable, they inevitably make us stronger
We can’t control what happens to us – what we can control is how we tackle/handle it
so here is me to you, encouraging you and cheering you on!
You can do it!
Whatever you’ve set your mind to, GO FOR IT
You are, indeed, the miracle you need
You are the superstar of your own fortune
Show up & COME READY TO…

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