5 tips my psychologist taught me to calm anxiety


I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for years and I’ve been in therapy for about 10 months. In this time I’ve been taught lots of tips to calm my anxiety. Here’s 5 of my favourites!

  1. Identify the trigger – This one sounds obvious but it can be really helpful. Identifying what is making you anxious can be a useful first step to calming down. If you can figure out the cause of your anxiety (eg. A very busy room) you can often move yourself away from it. Don’t be embarrassed to take yourself out of a situation that is causing you anxiety, it’s not weak it’s wise.
  2. Mindfulness – If your trigger isn’t something physical that you can get away from then mindfulness can be really helpful. Often, when we’re anxious, we’re worrying about the past or future and when this is the case, grounding ourselves in the present…

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