Join Julie in an expletive-ridden climb to Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike

Julie Haiselden

Monday 13 May

First day we didn’t need the car as our destination was within walking distance.

Sounds so inoffensive doesn’t it? Glenridding Dodd. With much complaining and cussing, I somehow managed to reach level ground after the initial part of the ascent without toppling backwards down the grassy bank. The Dodd itself was (almost) worth it.

With the confidence of the first fell of the day under our belts, it was a pleasant walk interspersed with a few challenging scrambles to Sheffield Pike. We found a circular route back to Glenridding and then on to our hotel for a bath followed by dinner.

IMG_20190513_102746791 Finally made the top of the steep grassy bank – terrifying

IMG_20190513_111959604 Our first port of call and a pretty little knoll it turned out to be

IMG_20190513_105527659 View from the summit of Glenridding Dodd which stands above Ullswater

IMG_20190513_105740953_HDR On the way to Sheffield Pike

IMG_20190513_153223250_HDR Almost there

IMG_20190513_153146673 Stopping…

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