Author Interview – Marcus Nannini

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For my fifth interview in “The Author Speaks!” series, I get to chat with Marcus Nannini, author of Chameleons, an Untold World War II story.

A self-confessed life-long history buff, with a new book in the series “Left For Dead at Nijmegen” appearing on bookstores soon, he is busy busy busy with meticulous research into each of his novels to give that touch of authenticity, to contributing articles to magazines such as World at War, and Strategy & Tactics.


Book:Chameleons, An Untold World War II Story

Published: 15 June 2017

ISBN: 1612968899

Summary: Set in Oahu, in Hawaii, near Pearl Harbour. It is primarily from the perspective of Lieutenant Masaharu Yokoyama, the commander of the mini-sub, and the Hawaiian police team detailed to resolve the mystery of an old skeleton.

Now my favourite bit!!

Please, give us a little more about the person behind the book:

A history…

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