Tales of a Nuisance Man – James Maxstadt

It's Good To Read


This is a short story collection with a fantasy twist. The storyteller is the Nuisance man himself, Duke Grandfather, as he regales his grandson with stories of his past.

Main Characters:

Duke Grandfather: The narrator of the tales, he grows from being a greenhorn to the most experienced and famous of the Men, and has use of an Ultimate Weapon.

Lilly: Duke’s wife, we first meet her as a City Watch Necromancer, a witch of immense power and skill, used in the service of the city.

Minor Characters:

Sarge: The duty sergeant in the local City Watch station, gets to know and befriend Duke over the years.

Raven: Emerges as a rival Nuisance man, less ethical than our hero.

The Grandson: His role is the listener, yet the old man has a reason to bring the grandson into his circle, more than just passing on reminiscences.


The grandson…

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