Join Julie at Middle Dodd – a few months later than expected

Julie Haiselden

Tuesday 14 May

Last September we planned to walk to Middle Dodd on the way to Red Screes. Somehow we missed the left hand turn to take in the former and ended up at the latter. So today we decided to rectify that mistake.

We drove to the inn above Brothers’ Water (so called because two brothers drowned there in the nineteenth century) in the Hartsop Valley.  For £2.50 we parked at the pub for the day. The staff made a note of our intended destination lest we should not reappear before night time.

We walked up to Scandale Pass and ascended from there with Red Screen dominating the view to the right.  It must be said when distinctive features, character and charm were being distributed, this fell was not blessed.  Nonetheless, it counts as a Wainwright and as such, has now been ticked off our list.

IMG_20190514_154747896 Nice valley walk…

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