The Moth: Occasional Magic

It's Good To Read


I had never heard of The Moth, or what it does. It is primarily an American thing, with the occasional show in London and the like.

The premise is essentially people getting up and telling their stories. These people run the full gamut, from famous artists, writers and other celebrities, to other less well-known people. The stories themselves cover a myriad of topics, and with equally diverse aims – to educate, shock, enlighten, clarify, entertain.

The Moth works through radio, the show being called Moth Radio Hour. The format is the storyteller speaking live, to a live audience, recounting what is was that makes this event or experience important to them. These are real people, telling real stories. This book has taken some of the more compelling tales, and written them down.

From a close escape from a famous serial killer, to a woman discovering her quiet fire, to…

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