Stiff and Sore


Poor Maggie.
The heat has really been getting to her and like us, it has done nothing to help her arthritis.
We have been aware of more stiffness in her joints, and noticed a couple of days ago that she was limping. On checking her foot, we could see where she’s been licking her feet incessantly which is usually a sign of boredom or anxiety, so I cleaned it with antiseptic and applied the antibiotic cream we keep in reserve for such occasions.

Hubby noticed after her swim the other day that she was a bit stiff in her shoulder, so we have also been giving her the metacam anti inflammatory meds, again something we keep in reserve.
Yesterday, she was in serious trouble, putting no weight on her right foot and in discomfort with her left shoulder. We kept her quiet for the day and she slept for most…

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