Beowulf, Tolkien, Overcoming Anxiety, and Momentum in Life

Blog of the Wolf Boy

A few things happened to me today. First, I overcame my fear of public speaking by making a presentation to my class at University about the contrasts between the poetic epic that is Beowulf and the masterpieces which Tolkien had produced. I don’t know if any of you had known, but Tolkien was kind of a Beowulf fanboy.


For anyone who doesn’t know, Beowulf was actually an epic style poem written over a thousand years in England. It’s a pretty bad-ass poem too, although it’s about 3200 lines long! So don’t expect to finish it in a single sitting unless you’re tackling it like Netflix binge.

Topic spoiler alert: Both stories have Dragons which slumber on piles of gold and are disturbed by a thief, sending them out into the world to lay destruction on those nearby.

There were many other similarities too, but I think this was the most…

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