Lucy Maud Montgomery – One of Canada’s most cherished authors


Born  November 30, 1874 Clifton, Prince Edward Island

Died  April 24, 1942 (aged 67) Toronto, Ontario

Lucy Maud Montgomery is best known for her ANNE OF GREEN GABLES series. I have put together a little timeline. Although she was best known for her ANNE series of books, she wrote numerous short stories and poetry as well. Once again my intention is not to analyze her work nor will I give you a complete history. As happens sometimes with very passionate writers, it was fabled that she took her own life. That fact, I will leave with you to discover. Below you will find some examples of her poetry and ANNE OF GREEN GABLE clips. -J.E.Goldie 

A quote from Ms Montgomery : “They say women shouldn’t write.”

“Shortly after giving birth Maud’s mother was stricken with tuberculosis. As her condition worsened Hugh John moved the family back to Cavendish, to the…

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