A strong woman..

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Broken but not shattered,
Scarred,yet very beautiful,
She marched ahead with pride,
And took all the criticism in her stride,
Success will prove them all wrong,she said,
She refused to let her life hang by the thread....

Not succumbing to the temptation of bitterness and resentment,she chose to remove the dagger piercing her heart and used the sharp edge to carve her path instead.
She was a woman of substance who did not need any credentials to authenticate her strength.
She was aware that life wasn't going to be easy but every long journey begins with small steps .And she was willing to take these baby steps towards her bright future.
She was not born strong.She was made strong by the relations who were once the pillars of her strength.But she was not aggrieved coz they were the ones who,with their wrong doings sculpted her to be her own HERO.

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