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Yes, she was sad,
She wallowed in Self-pity,
Hopeless and purposeless,
Blaming herself for everything that went wrong,
In her life, fate and fury always drove along,
Her happiness was beyond her control,
Noone to check the rising tumult of her soul,
Behind her laugh was a breaking heart,
With every smile she broke further apart,
Her inner demons screaming louder each day,
She spent her nights weeping away,
Noone even understood her Silence,
And her words had become even more quiet,
Slowly she slipped away into oblivion,
Only death brought peace in her life of chaos.....

Her Silence was her CRY FOR HELP which noone understood. She wasn’t looking for attention or sympathy.She was just fed up of putting a brave front all her life.

We encounter so many sad people in life but dont feel the need to reach out to them assuming that they are attention seekers…

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