Frugal and Savy way to look beautiful with these 3 Essential oils

Savy Frugal Girl

It’s no surprise that when the economy is down, make up sales are up. Everybody wants to look beautiful, especially women. Facial products are abundant and can get very expensive. Even though I am a savy frugal girl, I am guilty of splurging every now and again. That was before I discovered the secret of essential oils.

Last Christmas I was gifted with one of those essential oil diffusors. You know one of those devices you add water and a few drops of an essential oil into and it blows steam through your room. Well, it was relaxing for a few days and then I was over it. However, I still had a kit of 12 different essential oils sitting on my dresser. One night I got curious and started googling what each essential oil was good for. I discovered a treasure trove of benefits that essential oils have. They…

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