French Apple Cake

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French Apple Cake is a dessert with a custard, apple rich base and a cake like topping. Slices instead of chunks of sweet apple made this a little different than the traditional French Apple Cake. The recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen and I made this in a cooking class that I attended. This is not a real sweet dessert.




Spray a 9″ springform pan with cooking oil.

(Due to making this in a cooking class I attended,

we had to use 2 aluminum pans because we split

the recipe with our partner)

Place the pan on a foil covered baking sheet.

Core and slice the peeled apples into 1/8″ pieces. Place

the slices onto a microwave safe plate and cover. Microwave

the apple slices on high until pliable but not completely soft,

about 3 minutes. When they are cooked properly,

you should be able to bend a slice…

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