The Extraordinary Canadian Glenn Gould ©J.E.Goldie


Glenn Herbert Gould (born Gold), pianist, broadcaster, writer, composer, conductor, organist (born 25 September 1932 in Toronto, ON; died 4 October 1982 in Toronto, ON).

This was originally posted on January 26 2019. The details and information regarding his life were gathered from the Canadian

As a child I asked if I could learn to play the piano. I was told I couldn’t because we didn’t have a piano. I was clever enough to say I could practice at school, but my protests were ignored.

BUT! Enough of me! Glenn Gould lived in my neighbourhood for the latter years of his life. He haunted the 24 hour Fran’s Restaurant not far from his penthouse apartment. There is a plaque on the lawn. I can’t help but wonder if his spirit still walks those rooms. Those rooms where he sought refuge from the outside world. The videos I collected reveal excerpts…

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